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The Treasure Hunters FanClub (THFC) brings together a group of industry figures (the FanClub) that want to invest in remarkable and unique games from indie developers (the Treasure Hunters). Deals from THFC combine indie-friendly funding terms, mentorship from experienced members of the industry and marketing support via a publishing deal with Surprise Attack Games.



Developed out of the team’s extensive experience working with indie developers as well as more than a year of consultations with developers and investors, the THFC seeks to provide an alternative to the currently available options and address the major issues that developers and investors face in working together.

“As someone that boot-strapped a publishing label into success, I have an intimate understanding of how hard and intimidating finding funding can be and how that process is often at odds with remaining independent,” says Chris Wright, founder of The Treasure Hunters FanClub. “I wanted to create a funding option that suits the modern indie, letting them keep their creative independence and focus on the development rather than finding or managing investors whilst also partnering with them on bringing the game to the market and supporting them at every step along the way.”

Detailed information, deal terms, and a list of members can be found at The Treasure Hunters FanClub Website.

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